I am an experienced Graphic Artist and Web Designer, with a passion for creating compelling designs that shock and impress. I've been creating amazing work for twelve years plus, and I've never looked back. I love what I do, and I can't wait to design your next masterpiece.

“ Giselle White is a very talented and creative arts professional. She brings great passion and energy to all her work. Her delightful and fun spirit adds volumes to any project she handles.."
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Sherri L. Palmer, Media Relations, Children's Hunger Alliance
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Who am I?

  • Who, What, Where, When?

  • "You don't choose art.....  Art chooses you!"

    Ever since I have come into an awareness of self, I have been involved in Art. As a child, be it drawing, playing in the mud, molding wet sand castles, collecting 'bags full' of washed up sea-shells, coral, tree bark, dried flowers, dead crustaceans and insects (setting them aside to paint later, or make a collage, or use for some 'assumed' greater good (and having my dad throw tantrums and throw them out as 'junk'); or pondering over existential thoughts such as: Time The Devourer of All, and 'The Fall of Man (The Garden of Eden story); Sanctity, Sacrifice and Sin, etc, to being captivated by nature's pure and simple beauty as a teenager; or as an adult, devising radio and TV commercials, tag-lines, newspaper advertisements or coming forth with full advertising campaigns for clients;  my need for artistic expression has always been there.

    My personality is best summed up in the line: I am an "artist". I am a composite of all that is around me, and nothing at all. At times I can be temperamental, and my personality changes according to my moods and/or given situation. I am independent, fearless, adventurous, determined, ambitious, loving, fiercely loyal, dependable, deep, creative; at moments ...very analytical, head strong, caring, competitive and a little bit crazy.... I normally have an overwhelming amount of energy, which makes me somewhat unpredictable at times. But it's all good! I like to experiment, take risks, push myself to the limit, and just a little beyond... As I must almost constantly be involved in doing something.

    As an artist, generally, I make my own rules. This can be terribly lonely at times, but overall, it does not bind me to other people's hypocrisy, ideals and stereotypes, and it gives me the freedom to be me.

    Intrinsically, I am filled with the need to create something from nothing: to do something great and memorable, with the urgency to be the best that I can be! What? I sound like a victim of one too many self-help programs or motivational speeches?  Perhaps.... All I know is that without this creative energy and the fulfillment of its purpose, I feel restless, frustrated and lost! Drowned in the sands of mediocrity, life ceases to have any real meaning. It has been said that: "You don't choose art, but 'art,' chooses you." Yet, it took me some time to really understand what that means.

    I tried to choose another part in life once: one where I was fairly successful, starting up and managing branches of a lead international wholesale company in St. Lucia, and in the US Virgin Islands. It was good for a while... But in the long run, I felt, more and more, that a major part of me was missing... Dying almost. Still I persevered, ensuring that I was too busy to think and feel the loss. I worked from 6:30am to 8:30pm/ 9:30pm/ 11:00pm, Monday to Saturday... and on Sundays, at least once a month. Physically and consciously, I was totally absorbed in my work. Intrinsically though.... there was never any choice! However,  it took me five years to figure that out.

    One day I just woke up, bought a return ticket home and left. I trained another sales manager to replace me, boarded a plane and came home. 'Home,' not just in the physical sense, but, I needed to make that mental and spiritual journey. It was time! I had to come home, before the time came when I could no longer do so! I HAD TO RETURN HOME... To my passion and my place! This meant finding myself again, who I was five years aback, and the person I needed to be! And so I did. The rest, as they say, is history.

    "You don't choose art.....  Art chooses you!"

What can I do

Providing Creative Solutions
                                  to Everyday Chaos!

In my off time... What I Like

  • Fighting (Krav Maga),
    Latin/Ballroom Dancing,
    Strategy Gaming,
    Shooting Pool/Darts,
    Dining Out... Trying new foods,
    Water Tubing,
    Listening to Music,
    International Travel,
    Road Trips,
    Adventure Seeking,
    Segway Riding,
    Controversial Conversations,
    Cardio MMA,