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Making Your Memories at the Daughtry House

The Daughtry House in Commerce, Georgia, August 3, 1907

Just after the Civil War ended, and before Commerce was even called Commerce, the Daughtry House stood for traditional Southern elegance and sophistication. Built in 1870, the Daughtry House was home to some of Commerce’s leading citizens and even a governor of the State of Georgia called it home. A prominent local merchant who owned a store in downtown Commerce, Robert Leroy Daughtry, lived here with his family until his death in 1927, and his wife lived here until her death in 1945. His daughter Clifford was married in the front parlor of this home and it was the talk of Commerce. Mr. Daughtry is buried in Gray Lawn cemetery today, not far from his beloved home place. A picture of the family taken in 1907 can be seen in the front parlor as a testament to how life in Commerce once was.

Mary-Clifford-Jossey-profile.jpgThese memories of the past 140 plus years are still cherished by the Daughtry family. The new owners, sisters Vicki Brackett and Sandra Shephard, would like to invite you to come and consider making your memories at the Daughtry House too. The home has been lovingly restored to its original splendor. From its Greek columns and balcony across the front porch and drive under portico to its original fireplaces in each of the bedrooms and original hardwood floors, the Daughtry House is much the same as it was in Mr. Daughtry’s time. Original antique furniture from the period can be found throughout the house. Due to its impressive architecture which is indicative of the period, application to the National Historical Register has been made.

Grandpa Daughtry & Mama Darling
(Clifford's parents)

No matter what they might be, we offer a perfect setting for your special events. We offer accommodations for small indoor weddings and gatherings. For outdoor weddings, The Daughtry House offers a large, impressive covered gazebo, with a gorgeous crystal chandelier and a professionally landscaped yard.

The Daughtry House has a modern kitchen that can prepare snacks and beverages, and accommodate your gathering with a catered meal.

Mr. Daughtry thought his home to be special and impressive enough for his daughter Clifford to be married in, and we hope that you will consider it special enough too.

Please contact Vicki or Sandra at 706-335-3444 for more details as to how we can help make the Daughtry House a part of your memories, and be part of a tradition that has been going strong for over 140 years.

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