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Webphotographix LogoWebphotographix is a dynamic visual communication company providing graphic design, corporate branding, print and promotional advertising, consultation; web and outdoor photography; website design, web development and interactive media solutions. Our core clientele includes start-up, small and mid-size businesses that view themselves as innovative, dynamic, on the cutting-edge of technology, or unique in some way.

Webphotographix comprises hard-working professionals, formally trained in the fields of Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography, Media Studies, Motion Graphics, Business Management, Web Design and Web Programming and Database Solutions. Cumulatively our design experience measures 15+ years in business, and our creative talent spans the globe. Linked by our passion for doing great work, close attention to detail, love for art and design; and innovative talent, the Webphotographix team brings together a unique group of individuals from North America, Africa, India and the Caribbean.

Each member of our Webphotographix team brings a strong sense of open-mindedness, color, culture and vitality to the group… traits that are seldom found elsewhere. It is this unique blend of skill, passion, diversity and talent, that enables Webphotographix to effectively cater to your needs. Integral to our day-to-day operations is an innovative approach, state-of-the-art technology, creative cutting-edge design, personal attention to our clients, and, a desire to provide the highest customer satisfaction.


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Why Choose Us?

1Client satisfaction guaranteed! Read our testimonials and feel free to contact our
clients for verification.

2Webphotographix comprises a small team of creative individuals. Thus, you will receive personalized attention and service.

3We give you big ad agency quality and creativity without big ad agency prices.

4At Webphotographix, we are passionate, driven and detail-oriented. We strive for excellence in every job we do.

5As freelance professionals for hire, we can help you cut costs by supplementing a core full-time workforce with skilled, temporary, project workers.

6We are fast and efficient. At Webphotographix, we do whatever it takes to get your job done on time, every time!

7As a group of freelance designers who work from home, we enjoy lower overhead costs... A savings we gladly pass on to you!

8As freelance designers, Webphotographix understand the commitment, courage and constraint required to start a new business. Thus, we work with individuals, start-up companies and small businesses, to give them high-quality work at affordable prices.

9We guide you to solutions that bring you credibility, clients and positive returns on your creative investment.

10For big businesses, Webphotographix provides creative, freelance services and access to skills unavailable in-house and on an as needed basis.


Above all, the Webphotographix team is skilled, talented, motivated and ready to go to work for you. Contact us today!



(614) 237-6998

Giselle White

Creative Director
Graphic Artist, PHOTOGRAPHER &
Web Designer

WORK: Wow! Talk about a Jill of all trades, mistress of many!
Because I hate being bored, I choose the alternative: That of being, 'sometimes,' insanely busy! But... Busy being creative, doing great work, visually communicating my clients' messages and keeping them happy, I don't see as a bad thing!

PLAY: I often play as hard as I work, with a passion for taking part in activities on, in and near the water. I enjoy boating, jet-skiing, Scuba-diving and snorkeling. From Hiking, Krav Maga, Rock-Climbing, Hiking and Zip-lining, to Latin-Dance, Photography, Poetry-Writing, Painting, to Entertaining and Cooking 6-10 course meals, I try to live life to the fullest!

SKILL: Apart from being blessed with strong creativity, photo and color composition skills, my BFA in Graphic Design & Advertising, BFA in Still Media/ Photography, BA in English, 15+ years experience in Graphic Art / Print design, 10+ years experience in Web Design, 5+ years experience in Sales, Marketing and Management, enable me to effectively meet my clients' needs and surpass their expectations!

Shawn Ferguson


WORK: Passionate Programmer, Patient Teacher! There's nothing I enjoy more than developing and architecting enterprise-level applications. I love to translate user requirements into fully-functional, database-driven systems that are user-friendly with proper semantics. Even though I am a super geek (most people would never know), I can speak and connect to people on a very personable level, and that's pretty unique for this industry..

PLAY: Re-read my work paragraph.
It's so fortunate that my work and play intermingle. In general, I like creating something from nothing, whether it's a database system, producing a short film, or making a gourmet dish, I like the engineering side of life. I'm also a daredevil who enjoys skiing, riding my motorcycle and look forward to skydiving in the near future.

SKILL: Application Development and Database Programming in a wide variety of business applications from Content Management systems to E-Commerce applications. Skilled in web development using C# and a relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, EzWeb, etc.

Phillip Porter

Senior Developer, Wordpress &
jQuery Specialist

WORK: Creative and Cool, Code Ninja!
I consider myself a translator of sorts: I translate artistic vision into hand-coded, practical reality. I take the creations of our talented designers and turn them into standards-compliant, jQuery-powered, results-driven feasts for the eyes.

PLAY: When I'm not pushing pixels, you'll still find me in front of the computer: playing and modding video games, working on personal projects, or, weather-permitting, out riding my motorcycle. These are some of the things I do to unwind from a busy day.

SKILL: Front and back-end development; Mobile, XML/ XSLT template development; Application development; CMS theme development, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine and Drupal.

I discovered my love of computers at the young age of 5 on my father's Commodore 64. Over the years, I picked up an abundance of skills in multiple areas of computing, leaving me as the go-to guy for everything technical. I built my first website at the age of 13 and seven years later, turned it into a promising career.