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We assume that if you are viewing our 'Pricing & Policy' page, you are serious and ready to Take Your Business To The Next Level! Our people-focussed, creative, cutting edge, professional approach to design, separates us from your typical design firm. At Webphotographix we are passionate about the work we do, and view customer satisfaction as our number one source of advertising. Hence, we work individually with each client to ensure that we have a solid understanding of your needs: your company and your customers. This enables us to create design solutions that communicate the right messages, express your brand identity, reinforce marketing ideas and create a positive return on your investment.

We know the positive impact that strong visual communication will have on your business! Thus, regardless of the size of your company, we believe that you deserve the best. Whether you are looking to revamp your image or starting a new business, the Webphotographix design team will help you realize your visual communication goals by providing quality work that gets noticed; creating product/ service awareness and increased sales. Don't waste another moment! Review our prices, policies, terms and conditions, and make the investment now! Your business success depends on it!





We hate contracts, don't you?
Still... we've found that they help prevent potentially stupid people from doing stupid things.

Webphotographix agrees to sign over all rights associated with ownership and usage of materials developed by Webphotographix to the customer upon receipt of final payment for said materials. Until that time Webphotographix retains and reserves all rights to any content created by Webphotographix as set forth by the Copyright Laws of the United States of America (Title 17 U.S.C., et seq., and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Once Webphotographix receives full payment, all rights to the final product, full and unrestricted, will be released to the customer for use in all media, in all markets, for unlimited period of time. Webphotographix retains and reserves the rights to use any and all content developed by Webphotographix, regardless of ownership, for display and self-promotional purposes.


1 Upon receipt of a completed order form, Webphotographix will secure a down payment in an amount equal to one half of the total order, which will cover expenses including, but not limited to the following: Order Processing; Creation and Development time; Intellectual and Proprietary materials utilized in developmental stages. The initial fee is non-refundable and does not include final usage rights, which will be released upon receipt of final payment. Customer's final product will be made available and full usage rights will be granted upon final approval and payment.


2If the project scope is extended during the initial order fulfillment, Webphoto-graphix may secure intermediary payments in amount agreed with the customer, but not exceeding one half of the additional purchase amount. The intermediary fees are non-refundable and do not include final usage rights, which will be released upon receipt of final payment.


3 Upon the customer's approval of the final product, Webphotographix will secure a final payment. Upon receipt of final payment, all rights to the final product, full and unrestricted, will be released to the customer for use in all media, in all markets, for unlimited period of time.

4 Customer can choose to terminate their project at any time. In this event, Webphotographix will collect no additional charges. The customer retains no rights to any of the design work we have completed for them, and Webphotographix retains full ownership of all work completed on the project. Initial design concepts will presented within 3–10 business days following the receipt of your order and down payment, depending on the service ordered. Revisions are made within 2–10 business days, depending on the service ordered. The final product will be delivered by electronic means in one (1) business day upon receipt of the final payment. Webphotographix provides no guarantee of copyright to customer. Customer assumes responsibility for obtaining Trademark or Copyright of any material created by Webphotographix. Webphotographix assumes no liability in the event that customer is unable to obtain Trademark or Copyright of said material for any reason.



Effective corporate branding is one of the most essential steps your business can take towards establishing a consistent and successful communication strategy. Your corporate identity (logo, letterhead, envelope and business cards), and by extension, corporate branding (collateral pieces and advertising), are all a reflection of you and your company. Properly designed, they communicate to your customers that your company is credible, trustworthy and professional. Hence, your identity and effective corporate branding stands as the cornerstone of your business. It differentiates you from your competitors and creates a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. The Webphotographix design team can help you to create a powerful business image where in just a few seconds, everything your business stands for is perfectly communicated to your target audience. Because we value your business and want to see you succeed, we offer small and mid-size businesses the same quality workmanship and design, usually only available to larger businesses, at just as fraction of the cost.

If you want to be successful, you simply cannot afford to have poorly designed work, inconsistent, little or no identity and unclearly communicated branding. Review our Corporate Branding and Identity Design services below, and let Webphotographix help you better position your organization by creating stronger brand awareness and recognition.



1 – 2 concepts 4 – 6 concepts 7 – 8 concepts 9 – 10+ concepts
1 revision 2 revisions 2 revisions 2 revisions
$450 $550 $650 $850+


Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope (Using your Logo)

Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Invoice $350
Business Card Design only $150
Letterhead and Envelope design only $225


Logo Design * * *
Business Card * * *
Letterhead * * *
Envelope * * *
Invoice * * *
Tri-fold Brochure   * *
Business/ Employment Forms     *
Poster/ Flyer/ Postcard/ Direct Mail / Promotional Piece     *
PRICE $650 $1000+ $1500+


* Start-Up Package I : – $1800

Corporate ID Package (Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope), Tri-fold Brochure, Invoice, 1- 5 page website), only $1800

* Start-Up Package II : – $1800
Corporate ID Package (Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope), Tri-fold Brochure, Invoice, up to three (3) Business/Employment Forms or Oversized Post-Card/ Direct Mail or similar Promotional piece, 3 page PowerPoint template), only $1800.


Showcase your company in STYLE!
A polished, professionally-designed brochure can go along way towards an effective marketing campaignand so, we want to help you. Webphotographix creates high-quality, professional brochures for your business! We visually communicate your company's message with style, clarity and confidence. Visit our design portfolio to see samples of our brochure design, and the many small businesses and corporations we have helped to brand their business. Get in touch to find out how Webphotographix's brochure design, can sell the best you!

Webphotographix offers several design packages for your brochure. Prices are based on the complexity of the design required. The list below outlines what is included in each package. As a bonus, we provide professional photos from our ‘already existing’ stock photo library at no extra charge. However, if there are specific photos you would like to be used in your project, you are free to provide them, or we can locate them for you at an additional charge. If you require more (or less) of something than what you see here, we can customize a solution just for you.

*SPECIAL: Tri-fold or Half Fold Brochure = $350
1 page (2 sides); Cut Size 10.98" x 8.50"; custom design cover and pages; 1 design concept; 2 revisions and 2–6 stock photos.


Brochure Packages Tri-fold 4 Page Executive 8 Page Executive Custom Brochure/ Catalogue
Number of Pages 1 page (2 sides) 4 8 Varies
Custom Design Cover * * * *
Custom Design Pages * * * *
Rounds of Revisions 2 2 2 Varies
Stock Photos 1 – 3 4 – 8 unlimited unlimited
PRICE $400 – $550 $800 –$1000 $1200 –$1600 VARIES


Impress your audience, and keep them awake with a dynamic, custom designed PowerPoint presentation!
Webphotographix transforms PowerPoint presentations from boring to brilliant! We tailor-make presentations that not only show professionalism and tell your story, but, they captivate your audience and help you win new business! Step out from the competition and make a statement with an effective, eye-catching, custom-designed PowerPoint presentation. Contact Webphotographix today, and find out how we can help you impress your audience with a well-designed, professional PowerPoint presentation.


Number of Pages 1 – 3 4 – 10 11 – 20 21 – 30+
Custom Design & Layout * * * *
Stock Photography * * * *
Custom Photography     * *
PRICE $150 $250 $350 $450+


The possibilities of print, promotional design are endless!

Print design has always served as an effective marketing tool. But now, it has the added benefit of driving customers and traffic to your website. There, in a no-hassle environment, potential customers can find out more about you, your business and the products/services you offer. Contact Webphotographix, and showcase your business today!

We would love to work on one of your projects, and working with Webphotographix, you can relax knowing that every aspect of your print, promotional campaign, from concept to delivery, will be handled by design professionals. If it can be designed, we can design it! If we don't know how, we'll find out, or find someone that can get the job done! Below is a list and pricing for some of the items we design, that you may order separately from the design-packages we have presented above. These print, promotional items include: billboards, banners, truck wraps, outdoor signs, product labels, table-tents, tattoos, magnets, t-shirts, product packaging, flyers, posters, point of purchase displays, invitations, menus, greeting cards, postcards, and other promotional items.


EVENT TICKETS 1.75" x 5.5", (two-sided, full-color) $100
CLUB INVITATIONS Cut Size: 5.47" x 4.21", 1642 x 1264 pixels; (two-sided, full-color) $150

8.5” X 11” (one-sided, full-color): Cut Size: 8.50" x 10.98", 2551 x 3295 pixels or Cut Size: 8.5'' x 5.47'' (two-sided, full-color)


8.5” X 11” (two-sided, full-color) or 11” X 17”
(one-sided, full-color) flyer


Flyers may be custom designed and cut to any rectangular size
from 2” x 2” to 12.5” x 17”





LARGE MAGNETS One-sided, full-color; Cut Size: 5.47" x 4.21", 1642 x 1264 pixels $150

Available with four distinct folding options: half-fold (4 panels), right-angle, half-fold (8 panels), letter-fold (6 panels), and z-fold (6 panels). Menus may be done in Full-color both sides;
or color outside, black & white inside.

8.5” X 11” Menu

11” X 17” Menu






OVER-SIZED POST CARDS: * Great Promotional Item Two-sided, full-color oversized Post Card (Cut Size: 8.5'' x 5.47'') $150
STANDARD SIZED POST CARDS (One-sided, full-color standard-sized Post Card)
Cut Size: 5.47" x 4.21", 139mm x 107mm, 1642 x 1264 pixels
POSTERS One-sided, full-color, 11" x 17" poster
One-sided, full-color, 18" x 24" poster
One-sided, full-color, 24" x 36" poster
T-SHIRT, SHIRTS, JERSEYS, APPAREL On small projects, apparel design services start at $60.00/hr (Minimum $180). However, in the case of a major or extended project, special bulk rate pricing is availble. $60.00/hr
(Min. $180


Because sometimes, you just need a little more time.

Additional Design Concepts $150 Per Layout
Copy Writing $80/hr. (Minimum $240)
Copy Editing $60/hr. (Minimum $240)
Additional Design Revisions $60/hr. (Minimum $120)
Design, Re-design, Modifications, Updates $150 Each
Photography $60/hr. (Minimum $120)
Photo Retouching, Photo Compositing, Photo Manipulation $60/hr. (Minimum $120)
Fashion Design & Illustration $60/hr. (Minimum $120)
Web Design & Development It varies: Click here to view your options

We create FUNCTIONAL, interactive, eye-catching websites

We help businesses build a strong online presence, increase sales, clients and customers!

W#ebphotographix offers well-designed, affordable web solutions that ensure your business gets noticed and generates tangible growth in revenue. We help you manage all aspects of your web presence for a total "one stop" web solution. Our Website packages are designed to get your business online quickly. We work individually with you, our clients to create websites that are visually pleasing, user-friendly, functional and most importantly, specifically tailored to your business. Our web solutions include website design, interactivity, graphic design, hosting, web development, web promotion, maintenance and domain name registration.

Webphotographix offers several design and programming packages to help you get your website up and running quickly. There are four packages from which to choose, plus customized websites to meet your every need.

WEBSITE DESIGN SPECIALS: *All packages include FREE domain name registration and stock photography


Number of Pages Up to 4 pages 5 – 9 10 – 15 16 +
Custom Home-Page Design * * * *
Custom Sub-Page Design * * * *
Design Concepts 1 1 2 2
Rounds of Revisions 1 2 2 varies
Photos (Royalty Free Stock Photography) 3 – 5 6 – 10 11 – 15 unlimited
Flash or Javascript Interactivity Company Name/ Logo Homepage Slideshow * *
E-Commerce Website or
Wordpress (CMS) Website
    * Simple ( if required ) *
PRICE $1250 + $1300 – $2100 $2150 – $3500 $3550 +

*Introductory Special: BASIC Start-Up Package I

For the cost of running a 1/4 page newspaper ad (1 month), get a start-up website that lets customers and potential customers know that you exist, are open and ready to do business!

Special includes 1 – 5 page website with FREE Domain Name Registration: Price: $1250


*Introductory Special: Small Business Start-Up Package II

Special includes 5–12 page website with FREE Domain Name Registration; and FREE Photography (up to 15 professional photos of your product, service, location and staff), so as to help construct a website that is uniquely you! Price: $2150


(Web Intros)






Basic Web Banner Ads or
for the following pixel size: 88 x 31

Intermediate Web Banner Ads or for the following pixel sizes: 120 x 60,
468 x 60, 700 x 90

Advanced Web Banner Ads or for the following pixel sizes: 125 x 125,
125 x 400, 425 x 300 up






1 year ( $29.16/ month)
3 years ( $19.44/ month)
5 years ( $16.66/ month)



Well OK. Sometimes you just need a little more time.

Webpage Design Only (No Programming) $500 Per Layout
Single Web Page Designed And Coded $750 Each
Additional Web Pages created from Custom Template $100 Each
Additional Custom Web Design Pages $150 Each
Additional Web Design Revisions $150 Each
Flash Animations From $300 up
Web Portfolio and Slideshow Galleries From $250 up
E-Commerce / Database From $1000 up
Scripting $65/hr.
Web Content Writing $60/hr. (Minimum $180)
Web Copy Editing $60/hr. (Minimum $180)
Web Consultation $60/hr. (Minimum $180)




Unlike many photography and commercial design websites where the viewer is only given a brief, often tiny view of client work, we have put together an extensive gallery of photographs for your online viewing. Why? Because Webphotographix believes that it is important for you, our clients, to get a good look at the crystal clear, quality work we produce. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in requesting our creative services for your next project. From our work, you will see that Webphotographix provides professional, high-quality photos, with the creativity and skill you would expect from a big ad agency or photo studio. However, our team is small, and so our prices are much less. We offer photographic expertise in capturing your best side on camera. But don’t take our word on it. View our photo gallery and see for yourself!

Click on the various Gallery links below to view photographs from each collection.


For Webphotographix photography, the price depends on the complexity of the work. As each photography project is unique, and place, time and equipment is varied, our prices are specifically tailored to you. Please send us an email, where you provide specific information about your photography needs and project requirements, so that we may give you an accurate price.

* Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and Web Photography prices are billed at a standard rate of $60 an hour (with a two hour minimum).