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"Letters to My Sisters is informative and uplifting....She is dedicated to caring for and about women. The Book is a reflection of her dedication." – GLADYS GIBBS, MS, MD, FACOG, Division Director of Harvard Vanguard OB/GYN at Brigham and Women's Hospital."
"...I found the courage, frankness and care with which you addressed your patients, stunning. In a world where many are forced to pay homage to the machine of efficiency and sterility, it is refreshing to see someone like yourself exercising integrity, care and tough love all at once!"
– LAUREL HODORY, MS, RYT, Owner Its Yoga, Columbus
" Letters To My Sisters is a conversational book that educates women about their bodies and sexuality. Dr Osuagwu's book is a must read before your next gynecologist appointment."
– NOREEN PALMER, MA. MSW, Co-author, Going Off
"The book was like sitting down and having an intimate dicussion with your physician as if she were your closest friend. The information was simple yet spoke volumes. It is perhaps the discussions most physicians would like to have with their patients and vice versa. It hit home without sounding too elementary or too medical. It was also an easy read."
– KAREN DRAKE, MD, FACOG, Perinatal Services, Des Moine, Iowa
KWENU! "Our culture, our future." A Book Review by Oseloka Obaze

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